The mind is without a doubt, a complex and fascinating place, full of light, doors that open and close, secret passageways and hidden places. The mind is capable of doing surprising things and at times, when it is bored, it can pass the time creating irrational thoughts.

I like to think that ideas are always inside oneself and live kept in one’s head, resting and waiting for that stimulation that will let them know when it is time to leave the nest and enter this world. The interesting part comes when they are never provocted, when the mind is bored. They can seem like innocent day dreams, or a distraction, a change in scenary or a tirp to another world. However, when one mindlessly drifts off, the ideas do not escape. This is what is most frustrating. Impatience errupts, they yell at eachother and stop listening to one another. Many try to get out but through the wrong door. Anarchy opens way and the house is turned into chaos.

Only when the mind decides to end its game, will it turn on the lights, open all the doors, and with a great force, expel all escaped turmoil. It is then, when control will be taken back, and reasoning will be ceased.

Mauricio, Buenos Aires, 2008

  • Client - House of Scream
  • Date Completed - June 2014
  • Skills/Tools Used - Composing, Editing, Adobe After Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop