Die Hard (1998) Structure Breakdown

posted on February 3rd 2015 in Case Study with 0 Comments


Following the post I wrote about the “Blake Snider Beat Sheet” aka “BS2″ on how to structure a screenplay, lets analyse one of my favourite movies: Die Hard. I saw it again a few weeks ago pencil and paper in hand trying to find how writers Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza structured the story and how accurate […]

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Why we root for the bad guys?

posted on January 27th 2015 in Storytelling with 0 Comments


What do Michael Corleone, Jack Sparrow, Patrick Bateman and Tony Montana have in common? Answer: They are all bad guys, of course. But what Im talking about is that in a weird way we somehow “care” about them… Why is that? We have, for example, a bright young man who could have been anything he […]

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Blake Snyder Beat Sheet – aka “BS2″

posted on January 13th 2015 in Storytelling with 0 Comments


I have heard about Blake Snyder’s book “Save the Cat” around 2 years ago now. It was amongst 40 other titles on my ‘Books to read’ list. When I finally bought, I devoured it in a matter of days. You will soon understand why. After a quick first read I did what I always do with […]

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