Erotic Thrillers – Who should we thank for them?

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Do you remember Sharon Stone being interrogated by the police in Basic Instincts? Of course you do. What about Glenn Close becoming obsessive and psychotic towards Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction? These are both classic examples of the erotic thriller cycle. You may like it or not but the truth is, from the 80s to mid-90s this […]

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Die Hard (1998) Structure Breakdown

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Following the post I wrote about the “Blake Snider Beat Sheet” aka “BS2″ on how to structure a screenplay, lets analyse one of my favourite movies: Die Hard. I saw it again a few weeks ago pencil and paper in hand trying to find how writers Jeb Stuart and Steven E. de Souza structured the story and how accurate […]

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Why we root for the bad guys?

posted on January 27th 2015 in Storytelling with 0 Comments

What do Michael Corleone, Jack Sparrow, Patrick Bateman and Tony Montana have in common? Answer: They are all bad guys, of course. But what Im talking about is that in a weird way we somehow “care” about them… Why is that? We have, for example, a bright young man who could have been anything he […]

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Blake Snyder Beat Sheet – aka “BS2″

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I have heard about Blake Snyder’s book “Save the Cat” around 2 years ago now. It was amongst 40 other titles on my ‘Books to read’ list. When I finally bought, I devoured it in a matter of days. You will soon understand why. After a quick first read I did what I always do with […]

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Workaholism as a Creative Block

posted on April 23rd 2014 in Random Thoughts with 0 Comments

Workaholism is an addiction, and like all addictions it blocks our creative energy. If we’re too busy to write a play, to finish that paint, to take that sailing class, or to shoot that film, we’re probably too busy to listen to our creative inner voice. Most of the times we think we don’t have any […]

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Nexus – Reflections & Interpretations

posted on October 1st 2013 in Exhibitions with 0 Comments

Now is the turn for the “Night Ghost Stories” to be showcased. After a quick time on the windows of my studio for the Manly Arts Festival 2013. It’s time to wrap again this series and send it to the Australian capital for another exhibition. Tuggeranong Arts Centre Community Cultural Inclusion Program will present the […]

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The Power of Colour

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Colour influences our choices, our opinions and our emotional state. Our feelings of euphoria or rage, calm or agitation can be intensified or subdued by the colours in our environment. Each colour affects us uniquely. Even the slightest variation of a single colour can have a profound influence on our behaviour. This is powerful information […]

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